“Chid” the Pamiri Traditional house Aryan Cultural Heritage

Chid (Pamiri house) embodies the philosophical оutlook of the Pamir Aryans. We are proud that our home is the kind of book copied from the divine Nature book, which was handed down from our ancestors. Today, this “Book” impresses us with deep philosophical content. It took more than two and a half thousand years since then this “Book” was writen, but it does not become obsolete today. On the contrary, over more time it has got more and more improved. It became one of the finest and memorable architectural creations of the ancient Aryans.

Evaluation de l’audience du Pamir Institute, Janvier 2022

A la mi-janvier 2022, l’audience de l’Institut du Pamir (Pamir Institute) sur Facebook est principalement composée de citoyens masculins du nord du Pakistan , tandis que le plus grand nombre de lecteurs du site Web est en Francee . Sur Pinterest, le Pamir Institute touche en premier lieu les utilisatrices du sous-continent indien (Pakistan et Inde). Quant au compte Twitter, le Pamir Institute possède un taux d’engagement exceptionnel, mais il tarde à gagner des abonnés.

Pamir Institute audience evaluation, January, 2022.

As of January 12, 2022, Pamir Institute audience on Facebook is mostly composed of male citizens from Northern Pakistan while the biggest audience for the Website is in France . On Pinterest, Pamir Institute reaches, first, female users from the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan and India). Pamir Institute Twitter account owns and outstanding engagement ratio, butContinue reading “Pamir Institute audience evaluation, January, 2022.”

Wakhi people and Pamir life ex-libris

In this Ex-Libris are some selected readings about history, traditions, religion, way of life and geographical locations of Wakhi people in High Asia. It was prepared for the travelers who intend to visit the Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza, Pakistan) or Wakhan Corridor (Tajikistan & Afghanistan). It could, also, be a post-travel tool to organise ground observations and to see them in a wider perspective.

The Great Game: Anglo-Russian encounter at the borders of Pamir, Hindu Kush and Karakoram

The last act of the “Great Game” or “Большая Игра” (Bolshaya Igra), was played where the Tsarist Empire, the British Empire and the Chinese Empire joined in one of the highest and, at that time, one of the most inaccessible places of the planet. There, bristling with giant mountains, Pamir, Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges converge.

Zoodkhun Village in Chapursan Valley preserves a scenic and authentic mountain oasis landscape

At the top of Upper Hunza in an area called Gojal, Zoodkhun stretches in Chapursan Valley. Staying almost at the highest limit where vegetation of mountain oasis grows up, it is a village having numerous characteristics in common with other Wakhi settlements of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and, likely, China (though, not directly observed in this last country).