“Chid” the Pamiri Traditional house Aryan Cultural Heritage

Chid (Pamiri house) embodies the philosophical оutlook of the Pamir Aryans. We are proud that our home is the kind of book copied from the divine Nature book, which was handed down from our ancestors. Today, this “Book” impresses us with deep philosophical content. It took more than two and a half thousand years since then this “Book” was writen, but it does not become obsolete today. On the contrary, over more time it has got more and more improved. It became one of the finest and memorable architectural creations of the ancient Aryans.

Tackling Trash Atop Mountains: Sustainable Mountain Tourism

The Everest is not spared from the plastic menace and littering. Many humans may not have conquered the world’s highest peak but their trash sure has dominated the previously pristine and sacred peak. That’s the case of most peaks that are being scaled.

Régis Genté: “Central Asia is not an Islamist powder keg nor a radicalizing space.”

Almost two months ago, all of Afghanistan fell under the control of the Taliban, including remote areas where they never gained a foothold, such as the Wakhan Corridor. A specialist in Central Asia, Régis Genté, presents us how we could anticipate the possible repercussions of this event on the stability of this part of the world, as well as how we might assess its geostrategic importance, particularly concerning Turkey, a close ally of Pakistan, the major sponsor of the Taliban.

Régis Genté: “L’Asie centrale n’est pas une poudrière islamiste en voie de radicalisation”

Il y a près de deux mois, l’intégralité de l’Afghanistan tombait sous le joug des talibans, y compris des secteurs reculés où ils n’avaient jamais pris pied, tels que le Corridor du Wakhan. Spécialiste de l’Asie Centrale, Régis Genté était un des mieux à même d’en anticiper les éventuelles répercutions sur la stabilité de cette partie du monde, ainsi que d’en évaluer l’importance géostratégique, concernant notamment la Turquie, proche allié du Pakistan, sponsor majeur des talibans.