Pamir Institute’s writing policies.

These policies are intended for SEO in order to get our publications in a good rank on Google search results. They are also intended to ensure a proper working and a good layout of our website.


All publications are considered as posts by WordPress. Wether they are “news”, “research papers” or something different, they all follow the same principles.


Each post should have a short summary on top. It should be a sub-heading “H6”.


Titles for paragraphs and sub-paragraphs should start with “H2” then use “H3” etc. We should not use “H1”. Otherwise, it will be conflicting with the title of the post and will be detrimental to the Google indexation.


Each article should have an “Excerpt”. It is important for Google indexation and also for the presentation of the post on the different pages (home page, research field, countries, archives). The excerpt should have the main keywords of the post. The excerpt is not visible when we read the full article. As a consequence the excerpt can be all or part of the summary that we place at the beginning of the post. For a good presentation of the website, the excerpt should not be more than 350 letters (around 65 words). Excerpt box can be found in the right column under “Post” (not “Block”) after “Featured image”.


This is the URL of the post. WordPress will use the title, but it is much better to prepare one by yourself with keywords and without articles (such as “the”, “of ” etc). Don’t use special characters. It will help the SEO. Permalink can be customised in the right column under “Post”.


You have to use just ONE “Category”. It must be from this list:

  • News
  • Research Paper
  • Other Publication
  • Resource

If you use another category instead one of the four presented above, your post will not be shown on the home page.


Tags are very important because they make possible for the website to sort the posts according to their subject as shown on this page:

  • Crisis,
  • Development,
  • Environment,
  • Heritage,
  • Tourism,
  • Women condition,
  • Childhood,
  • Education.

You absolutely need to pick one of the above tags. But just pick ONE of them. Other wise your post will be shown on a redundant and boring manner.

You have also to tag your post with AT LEAST ONE of the four countries of Pamir:

  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Tajikistan

You can tag more than one country. Then your post will be shown on the different pages relevant to the countries of your tags.



For a better SEO, begin the name of your pictures with “pamir-institute” then complete with one or two keywords. A picture can be, for example: “pamir-institute-wakhan-taliban.jpg”.

Alternative description

For SEO purposes, the “alternative description” must be documented. You can do it while uploading the picture or using the box in the right column under “Block” (not “Post”).

Featured image.

Each post must have a featured image (see right column under “Post”). For a nice looking of our website, there is a mandatory dimension for the featured images. It is 1200 px by 675 px.
In its left bottom corner, the featured image should have Pamir Institute watermark. It is 160 px by 136 px.

Pamir Institute watermark to download