About Us

Pamir Institute founders intention is to contribute to the global knowledge of the specificities, the challenges and the possible threats faced by those living in this high mountain range, even if it might mean they will free themselves from a politically correct discourse especially an islamo-nationalist or imperialistic one.

The cofounders of the Pamir Institute‘s think tank are a transnational group of independent activists & researchers not affiliated to any party or government.

Their publications or the ones they decide to share are not dictated by any state or any financial consideration.

Though, they respect any religion of peace, as long as itis not a forced one, they are not the agents of any proselytism

Pamir Institute reports and conducts analysis or researches about Pamirs of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Tajikistan for the following areas of interest:

  • Childhood protection,
  • Community based tourism,
  • Domestic or international crisis,
  • Education promotion,
  • Environment & climate awareness,
  • Geopolitical issues,
  • Heritage preservation and enhancement,
  • Sustainable development,
  • Women condition.

Pamir Institute doesn’t promote foreign “influencers” such as trendy vloggers or instagrammers. Pamir Institute doesn’t advertise any commercial business. Pamir Institute is not part of any state or politcal party propaganda. Pamir institute believes in freedom of speech for all matters falling within its sphere of publication.

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